Frequently Asked Questions for DB Philpott

There are many factors that can affect this. The property’s condition, size, location and proximity to desirable facilities and public spaces are things you should consider. Feel free to enquire further with our expert property managers .

Similar factors apply here, as the question about your property’s suitability as a rental asset. A property needs to be enticing enough for a potential renter to want to occupy, but also meet budgetary criteria. It’s a matter of balance between what your property has to offer and external factors such as competition and demand. DB Philpott’s obligation-free property appraisal service can completely answer this question.

As a family-owned business, DB Philpott and its property management staff aren’t just real estate agents. They are all long-term residents of Adelaide and know the demographics well. Enquire with one of our reputable sales staff today, and get your foot in the investment door.

Lost time. And as we know, time is money. And often you need experienced legally-backed negotiation skills between you and your tenant, for mutual satisfaction for all parties. Also, the scheduled tasks of managing a multi-occupancy or multi-apartment complex are simply too much for one person to handle. There are body corp meetings, fees to accrue and budgets to maintain. Engaging an experienced property manager is an investment in your peace of mind.

To maintain a professional relationship between an owner and tenant, you need someone who knows the legalities and procedures involved in the day to day, month to month operations of keeping a property up to scratch, as well as the complex world of body corporate affairs.

Standard leases are either 12 or 6 months in duration. But it depends on what sort of conditions the owner is happy to lease their property out under. Speak to a rental specialist at DB Philpott.

There can be. However each case is different, depending on the likelihood of the owner being able to lease out the property again at short notice, for example. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to consider the commitment that your lease can require from you.

As property management specialists, DB Philpott make it their job to keep up to date with market trends and cultural shifts that affect the value of different regions and precincts around SA and Adelaide. Their experienced staff will gladly chat to you about it, and offer obligation-free and honest well-informed advice.