Are you looking for an experienced property a manager to look after your investment? As a landlord, it’s important that your agent and property manager has your best interests at heart.

Maintaining landlord-tenant etiquette and the condition of your property at the same time through an agent can be though. Going through a non-specialist real estate agent can be frustrating and time consuming, as sales often trump rentals in their list of priorities.

You need a specialist looking after you, the property owner and landlord. DB Philpott, headed by Benjamin and David Philpott, has been in the Adelaide and South Australian real estate market for well over 30 years, with a locally-acknowledged record for successful property management.

From the office in Prospect, in Adelaide’s inner northern suburbs, DB Philpott services all metro areas as well as a small number of other localities around the state. As experts in property management, DB Philpott understands that your home or commercial space can be a big part of your livelihood. To set up your future, DB Philpott have mastered the client-agent-tenant relationship to such a finely-tuned art that their services are sought right across Adelaide and regional South Australia.


We request all prospective tenants to inspect the property prior to submitting an application. We accompany all prospective tenants to view your property. Keys are not handed out to applicants to view alone.

We know it is important that we learn as much as possible about the prospective tenant.
Tenants are required to complete an Application for Tenancy, details of which are checked as thoroughly as possible by contacting previous landlords and rental agents, employers and personal referees.

Additionally, we check rental histories through a national rental database agency, TICA, which has a large database for cross-reference. The cost of accessing this database is covered in your management fee.

After the applicant’s suitability as a prospective tenant has been fully established, we will contact you to make a recommendation and receive your instructions on the leasing of your property. We follow and accept your instructions in relation to acceptance/non acceptance of prospective tenants. We will not sign the lease without your approval!

Residential Tenancy Agreements are prepared together with our Lease Annexure. These agreements are standard agreements. We also conduct a comprehensive condition report of the property prior to tenants taking occupation. Upon leasing of the property, copies of these reports are forwarded to you for your records. It is our recommendation that properties be offered on a six or twelve month lease basis, depending on specific circumstances and the time of year.

We know how to feature the positive aspects of your property to attract enquiry. We draw applicants from a number of sources by usin: Professional Photography, Signage, open inspections, rental lists and a comprehensive prospective tenants our database.

Placing your property on the rental market at a higher price than comparative properties, results in the property missing its market.

Prospective tenants for whom the home would be right won’t see it because it is out of their price range. Those tenants who are in the price range of the over-priced property will not see it as good value. Those tenants who are not good prospects within themselves apply for overpriced property and this can sometimes lead to poor tenant selection.


Important Information on Renting Your Home – Proven tips from Adelaide’s Experts

When renting your home out, you need to know that you’re getting good tenants and that the condition of your property is being maintained. But you must know that the obligations between you and the tenant is a two-way street to make sure that the relationship is a smooth and easy one.

Imagine you are the tenant. Of course, you would only pay what the property is worth in rent, and some basic things can make a great impression on you, if you are looking for a place to live.

As a landlord, it’s important to look at it this way – when it’s your own property, it’s very easy to not see those little imperfections you’re used to being around.

  • Have your Mail Redirected – if you occupied the property prior to renting it out, ensure that all mail is redirected to your new address. This is great for the tenant’s comfort, as well as your privacy as a landlord.
  • Utilities. Electricity, Gas, Phone, etc. – ensure all accounts are advised and cancelled accordingly.The only services to remain in your name (with your new postal address) is water and council rates, or directed to our address if you wish us to pay them for you.
  • Appliance Manuals – leave them on the kitchen bench.
  • Advice for Tenants – Prepare a list for the tenants regarding useful tips about things such as bin night or hard rubbish pickup times, as well as any tips on any quirks about the home.
  • Keys – ensure all locks have keys. Please supply two full sets of keys: one for our office, one for the tenant.
  • Walls – clean off any dirty marks, removable scuff marks, finger or food marks. It’s also a good idea, if your walls are a lighter colour, to move any furniture away to see if any cooking or cigarette smoke has stained your walls. It could be a good sign for giving the walls that extra touch: a scrub-down and/or a fresh coat of paint.
  • Ceilings – remove any cobwebs and remove any mould, particularly from wet areas and some bedrooms.
  • Light Fittings & Fans – clean off dust and remove any dead insects inside light fittings, and wipe ceiling fan blades free of dust or grease.
  • Doorways, Doors and Skirtings – wipe off finger marks and any other removable marks with a damp cloth.
  • Windows – clean inside and out. Also sills and runners: clean out dust build up and any dead insects. Also remove flyscreens and dust off.
  • Appliances – clean stove top, including control display, knobs, panels around knobs, any pull out or in-built drip trays, griller racks, trays and any inserts, oven racks, trays and oven bottom, walls and oven roof. Pull out rangehood filters and framing and clean.
  • Bathroom and Laundry – clean sink, mirror, cabinet, vanity unit and drawers, shower recess, glass screen and screen doors, bath and wall tiles. Ensure both the sink and the bath have a plug available. Also clean the entire toilet, from skirting to seat to bowl. Ensure that laundry walls and fixtures or free from dryer lint and any mess. Make sure there is a sink plug! And clean out any exhaust fans.
  • Tiling – All tiling and grouting to the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry areas are clean.
  • Air-conditioners – make sure vents, ducts and filters are clean.
  • Cupboards and Drawers – clean inside and out, including doors.
  • Curtains – wash or wipe any washable curtains, blinds and netting.
  • Floors and Carpets – vacuum and mop all floors. Professional cleaning of carpets is recommended. Contact us for our reliable contractor.
  • Lawns and Gardens – freshly mowed and edged, as well as rubbish-free garden beds. Low-maintenance plants are also recommended.
  • Guttering – please ensure that the gutters are freshly cleaned of any dirt/silt and leaves/twigs. Cover your investment against fire dangers!
  • Oil Spillage Removal – check and clean carport and garage floors, paths and driveway. If you have used a barbeque, check for any grease spots and spillages etc.
  • Garages and Tool Sheds – remove all of your possessions, unless it’s something that you or the tenant could use for upkeep – spare tiles, spare paint or basic gardening tools.


It is an Owner’s obligation to have adequate building, contents and legal liability insurance. It also makes good sense to protect your valuable assets against standard perils and also those unique to rental properties.

Carpets, curtains, blinds and light fittings are contents and are not covered under building insurance. If you have a strata title unit, legal liability for claims occurring inside your property are not covered by Body Corporate Insurance. Also, malicious damage, theft and payment of rent are not covered by standard insurance policies.

We have a specialised insurance policy available through our partner Insurance Brokers, which gives extensive cover over a range of situations unique to rental properties.

  • MGA
  • PIP
  • Terri Scheer
  • EBM

We strongly recommend that you consider this protection for peace of mind. Please call our office to place cover



Whether you are in the market for your first investment property and need advice or are actively growing a portfolio, feel free to email us or request a no obligation free market appraisal on this website.


You can avoid unwanted confrontation and make transferring your property from your existing agency to DB Philpott a quick and easy process, as we can notify your existing agency on your behalf and even pick up the keys. Get started by contacting us and you will soon see the DB Philpott difference.


We know that you will only refer a friend if you have confidence in a product or service because it’s your reputation at stake. We hope we have earned your confidence as a Landlord or Tenant already, and if we haven’t we’d certainly like to know why!

Feel free to email me, the Principal at teamphilpott@sellandrent.com.au if you are not satisfied with us for any reason, otherwise:

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