Ben has been especially great to deal with, always actions things straight away. Overall really happy with your service. Repair follow up have been good.

Jacquelynne – Vale Park (Tenant)

DB Philpott Real Estate have been a great real estate to deal with. Rebecca has been very prompt with all paperwork making renting easy, thank you.

Angela & Joseph – Parafield Gardens (Tenant)

Sam is an excellent property manager. Kind, respectful & with a good sense of humour. Very efficient.

Maria – West Lakes Shore (Tenant)

DB Philpott Real Estate have been respectful & professional at all times.

Domenica – Henley Beach South (Tenant)

The best part of the experience was communication with Beverley on all aspects of sale. Best price was obtained by Beverley once SACAT adjusted the minimum they would accept.

Daryl & Kym – Kilburn (Vendor)

I have gotten exactly what I wanted from DB Philpott Real Estate. I only hear from them when something needs resolution (which is rarely), otherwise I only hear from them with a payment summary. I also assume that has to do with also having a good tenant.

David – Royston Park (Landlord)

David & Ben Philpott have managed my properties for a number of years. Any problems and follow up required is promptly handled in a professional manner. I would recommend DB Philpott Real Estate to any prospective landlord.

Graham & Margaret – Prospect (Landlord)

Outstanding! Staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. Best real estate agent we have dealt with as landlords.

Jacqui & Dale – Enfield (Landlord)

Ben & David have managed my properties for many years. They have provided professional service constantly and given advise and follow up on matters requiring attention. We recommend using DB Philpott to any prospective landlord.

Graham & Margaret – Prospect (Landlord)

Cheers Ben, thank you for the years that you have looked after the property for us, in particular, how quickly you have responded when we have had maintenance issues (that might have escalated)!

David & Lydia – Norwood (Landlord)